Mission Statement

Our mission is simple, design and build gear as tough as the people who use it.  Inspired by the Northern Rockies that we call home and built in the USA, we are the “Gear of the North.”

Who We Are

"Norden" is Old Norse, which directly translates as "The North."

The north is synonymous with long brutal winters, rough terrain, and a hunting and gathering lifestyle. At Norden, we believe that hard conditions breed hard men, and hard men (and women) need gear that can withstand any condition.  

Our vision is to establish Norden Outdoors as the premiere outdoor soft goods and knife supplier that is still obtainable to the everyday outdoorsman. We will achieve this by constructing innovative, high-quality, and modular equipment while maintaining our America First manufacturing concept.  


We constantly assess and test the best materials on the market that are available to us. If they are not available, we will design them. We can save ounces by using lightweight but strong materials we all trust to get the job done.


American craftsmanship and attention to detail is our driving force. All of our manufacturing is done inside of the United States, most of which is in northwest Montana.


At Norden, we understand that there are different requirements for fishing on a lake in the mid-west than on the Southfork of the Flathead in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. No more need for multiple products to accomplish a job.  Buy a base and build it out to fit your unique needs, then quickly reconfigure for your next adventure. Build it the way YOU want.