Best Cold Weather Hunting Gear for 2022

Best Cold Weather Hunting Gear for 2022

The Norden HQ is in Northwest Montana where the temperatures during hunting season can hit below zero. We wanted to cover the top 5 best cold weathered hunting gear that we use to stay warm and safe while being outdoors during extreme cold weather conditions. 

Our recommended gear list below is great whether you are looking for advice on hunting gear for women or hunting gear for men. The principles can be applied to anyone.

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1. FirstLite Kiln Layers 

The Kiln base layers by FirstLite for men and for women are the perfect bottom layer during cold temperatures.  The lofted 250gsm Merino-X provides sustainable but balanced warmth.  The key is to not sweat or be too hot while moving through the mountains on freezing days. Proper layering should leave you “comfortably cool” when you leave from camp or the trailhead. 



  1. Norden Apogee Belt or Perigee Belt 

When planning out your winter hunting apparel sizing is key. I prefer to go up a size or half size in my pants to accommodate for proper layering. The most annoying thing about this is having your pants not fit your waist properly.  That’s why we recommend the Apogee Belt for men’s winter hunting gear and the Perigee Belt for women. The ratcheting system of both belts allows you to easily adjust for layers.


  1. Universal Chest Rig Utility Pouch 

Depending on the length and type of hunt you want to carry your essential gear in a way that will not weigh you down. Adding a ton of weight can make you hotter and sweat which can be very dangerous. That’s why I choose to carry my gear in the Utility pouch of my Universal Chest Rig.  It allows you to have fire starter, water filter, fixed blade knife, GPS, and a space blanket all easily accessible on your chest.


  1. Procamptek Fire Starter 

An obvious for any cold-weather activity is a fire starter.  We prefer to use the Procamptek Fire starter because of its reliability and ease of use when in an emergency.




  1. Norden Knives Ascent XL 

It is always a good idea to carry a fixed-bladed knife when doing anything in cold weather.  The Ascent XL is the perfect combination of strength and size mixed with usability. It is large enough to baton wood or create a feather stick but not so large that it is cumbersome to carry.


Let us know if these recommendations make it to your hunting gear list this year! You can add these to your tactical gear storage, and feel confident in knowing they will withstand the harsh winter weather of the north.

Be sure to check out the rest of Norden Outdoors gear that we offer, so you can be fully prepared for this hunting season.

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