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The Best Chest Rig for Fly Fishing, Western & Whitetail Hunting

The Universal Chest Rig (UCR) came about to fill a problem that I recognized as a hunting and fishing guide as well as an avid outdoorsman myself. The problem was I had a ton of western hunting gear that did not integrate and only served one purpose. These issues led to the development of a micro-chest rig setup for hunting, fishing, shooting, and outdoors. These are five of the key design features of the UCR and what we believe are the key features of a modular chest rig.

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Ease of Setup

Ease of use and setup was a huge problem that we identified with most chest rigs. They utilize a PALs and Molle system that can be extremely difficult to set up. PALS systems have their place but for us, they did not work as the primary attachment point. Our patent-pending base system utilizes a hook and loop with retention straps to allow the user to swap out attachments quickly and easily.

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Multiple Configurations

We wanted to take the modular concept to the next step. By utilizing our patent-pending base system, we can swap out main utility pouches as well as accessories. Whether you are western hunting, hunting whitetails in the east, fly fishing, hiking, or hitting the range, our system can be adapted to fit your needs.

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We know if a system is too heavy or bulky then you will not want to use it. So we searched the textile industry to find the best fabrics and laminates to make someof the lightest and strongest binocular and utility pouches on the market.


Simplicity in Design

Too many features on a system can be a bad thing. With that in mind, we designed our 3 main utility pouches to be as minimalistic as possible while still giving you all the usability you need. This allows you to add accessories when you need to and remove them when you don’t. 

sleeve for diaphragm calls
shotshell strip
shoulder straps


All Activities

We really wanted to make a carrying system for the all-around outdoors person. Whether you need a chest rig setup for fly-fishing, hunting whitetail from a tree stand, or are in need of new western hunting gear, we have the setup for you.  Our chest rig setup allows you to save time and money by purchasing just one American-made chest rig system that’s designed for versatility and built to be as tough as you are.

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